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Common Questions

What month is best for fishing Lake Ontario?

- The best months to fish Lake Ontario is from April to June. However, this fishery is fantastic year round. In the summer months we fish on the Lake for Salmon, Steelhead, Brown trout and more. Then closer to the fall we follow these fish into the tributaries where they go to spawn. Our favorite Lake Ontario tributary to fish is the Salmon River. King Salmon and Coho Salmon will enter the river starting in September to spawn. After the Salmon Run begins Steelhead and Brown Trout will follow behind them, eager to feast on the eggs that the Salmon lay.

What is the most popular fish in Lake Ontario?

-The most sought after fish species in Lake Ontario is the King Salmon also known as the Chinook Salmon. The King Salmon is aptly named. These fish grow to be huge in size and get a reputation for being fierce fighters.

How many species of fish are in Lake Ontario?

-Lake Ontario holds a whopping 122 fish species. We target a handful of these fish species in Lake Ontario such as Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead and Coho Salmon. We look at the rest of those fish species as bait for our prized sport fishing target fish!

High Adventure Sportfishing Fishing Charter targets the top Lake Ontario Fish species including null. We primarily Fish the Lake Ontario, Salmon River, Pine Island.